Selling Your Business

A successful business is a very valuable asset and deserves a carefully planned and executed sale process. We can help you achieve the best outcome from selling.

Our first step is usually to review your business to ascertain how ready it is for immediate sale or whether a range of changes can be made to enhance its value and saleability.

At this stage we also discuss an indicative valuation range with you based upon immediate sale as well as a potential range after possible improvements / enhancements are undertaken (where appropriate).

Our sale process usually involves direct approaches to a select group of potential buyers – agreed with you in advance.
We would prepare a confidential sale document (Information Memorandum) for distribution to selected parties.

We have operated in the Australian market for over 25 years and therefore have a wide network of contacts in financial services that will have on their client list the right buyer for your business.

Call us to arrange an obligation free discussion.